The Real Female Entrepreneur

3 Female Entrepreneur Yogis Share About Mamahood, Closing a Business, and Starting a Yoga Festival

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In this exclusive episode, brought to you by Yoga Club, I'm sitting down with three female entrepreneur yogis to hear their stories - stories about the hard parts of mamahood, addiction, closing businesses, and the doubts of building one of Las Vegas’ biggest yoga festivals.

I sat down with three female entrepreneur yogis - Tiffany Blackham, Crystal Gray, and Kris Blunt - to hear their stories. We talk with one mom whose struggle to help her son who has an immune system deficiency led to her starting a business. Another launched a yoga festival five years ago and still experiences that fear of what if no one shows up? One yogi opened her own yoga studio only to realize that she was feeling bogged down by the business side of things, so she sold it three years later.

Want to be reminded that you're not alone? Want to learn from three amazing women and feel inspired? This one's for you.




Tiffany Blackham

Tiffany Blackham is a yoga educator, wife + mom to 3, health & wellness advocate and creator of Stone Fox Feather - a line of healing delights. She loves sharing her insights and daily doses of inspiration on living a life full of passion, balance, and soulful exchanges. More about Tiffany and her company can be found on her websites and


Crystal Gray

Crystal Gray is a senior yoga teacher, teaching for over 10 years and studying with master teachers from all over the world. She is a soul-purpose and intuitive business coach, helping women get into alignment with the Divine Feminine and create the life and business their soul is desiring. Along with her husband of 10 years, Crystal owns a 20-acre organic vegetable farm and enjoys watching her daughter run through the sprinklers in the fields! After selling her yoga studio in 2016, she now focuses her efforts online. Crystal loves collaborating with other like-minded female entrepreneurs who have the mindset of working together, lifting each other up and cultivating our own and others' unique gifts. Check out for more information!


Kris Blunt

Kris is a former dancer and currently teaches yoga. She's also the founder of Vegas Gone Yoga Festival, an annual full weekend festival bringing out 500 yogis. Her career has enabled her to travel worldwide to Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Monte Carlo, Paraguay, Russia, Spain and parts of the Caribbean. She performed in famed venues such as Russia’s Bolshoi Theater, New York City’s Carnegie Hall and celebrated dance festivals at Lincoln Center and Jacob’s Pillow.