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TRFE 233: The Real Story Behind Greetabl’s Success with Zoë Scharf

Season 5Lauren FrontieraComment


“Growth that means something needs to be gradual and you need to earn it.”


with Zoë Scharf



Building an Oprah magazine worthy company doesn’t happen overnight. And chances are, there’s lots that went on (and didn’t work out) behind the scenes. That’s why I’m so wildly excited to share the story of Greetabl and one of it’s co-founders with you in this episode! My love, meet Zoë Scharf - previous graphic designer turned entrepreneur.

We talk about:

  • Greetabl’s not-so-overnight success

  • The cereal box that inspired the idea for Greetabl

  • Why slow growth means more

  • The first version of Greetabl that you never heard of (and why it totally flopped)

  • Creating a great product isn’t everything + how Greetabl grew their customer base




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Zoë Scharf is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Greetabl. Zoë is is a brand and design expert with a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. At Greetabl, Zoë focuses on the company's vision, brand, digital and physical product, and marketing efforts. Previously, Zoë consulted startups, advising and implementing brand strategy, story and design. At her former position at XPLANE, she worked with Fortune 500 companies on simplifying complex ideas using visual thinking.


Greetabl on Instagram

Zoë on Instagram


@fight2breathe on Instagram

TRFE 229: What Would You Do if you Were 1% More Courageous? with Jude Martinez

Season 5Lauren FrontieraComment


”Maybe it doesn’t need to take a grandiose gesture. What if it is just one tiny action that really could make a world of a difference?”


with Jude Martinez



What would you do if you were 1% more courageous? That’s the question Jude Martinez started asking herself when she was faced with some really big fears after playing it safe for years. That question would also later be her catalyst for launching In Her Shoes, a global organization committed to catalyzing courage for young girls and women around the world. You know those pivotal moments in your life that you can look back on and say “That. That was moment things changed.” Here’s one of Jude’s: after being accepted to her dream law school, she realized that the thing she had always wanted wasn’t at all what she really wanted. Scared of what everyone would think, she secretly declined her acceptance and told everyone else she was deferring for one year. She gave herself that one year to “figure it out”. And that’s where our story begins...

We talk about:

  • How playing small for years protected her from fear

  • How fear is now her best compass

  • How Jude intuitively made the decision to turn down a giant opportunity she’d spent years working towards

  • How she turned her passion for social entrepreneurship into starting her own organization




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Judith Martinez is the Founder and CEO of InHerShoes and Chief of Strategy at Orenda Collective. InHerShoes is a millennial led, social impact driven, global organization committed to catalyzing courage for young girls and women around the world. Their mission is simple: activate the genius of a generation to make a difference in their communities now. A by-product being re-defying traditional standards of what it looks like to be a successful woman today. When she’s not catalyzing courage for women at InHerShoes, she’s equipping startup entrepreneurs and small businesses with strategies that grow profit and social impact at boutique consulting agency, Orenda Collective.

Judith has worked with organizations such as Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, world-class leaders such as Leon Panetta, and has shared her voice on behalf of youth at the Youth Assembly, United Nations. Selected as a StartingBloc fellow in Washington, D.C., Judith has worked with organizations such as ReWork, Mind Hatch, and the Transformative Action Institute. She has co-authored Students Lead Now, the first book written by students, for students, on student leadership in the higher education space, and was most recently selected to work side by side with Echoing Green Fellows in building a Social Innovation and Leadership program to equip college students with 21st century skill sets for success at Claremont McKenna College. Recognized by The Next Big Thing Movement as one of 2017's Millennial Influencers, she was nominated to join the ranks of Forbes 30 Under 30 for her commitment to first generation women and transforming what it means to be a non-profit in this day and age. She most recently was honored as one of CSQ Magazine’s #NextGen10 awardees for her impact in Arts, Culture, and Philanthropy in the Los Angeles entrepreneurial eco-system, alongside folks like Kobe Bryant, Jeff Stibel, and Jesse Draper in Innovation & Tech.


In her Shoes on Instagram

TRFE 227 // How to Build a Business that Serves You First with Jessica Rodriguez

Season 5Lauren FrontieraComment


“I had to start choosing myself over the stories I’d made about other people.”


with Jessica Rodriguez



Your business shouldn’t only serve your customers and clients while leaving you emotionally empty-handed and overwhelmed. Can I get an amen?! For a lot of us, it takes learning the hard way to rebuild a better way, though. That’s why you’re here, listening to Jessica’s story. I hope, if anything, her story inspires you to dream up what success looks like for you differently. I hope it encourages you to reflect on how you’re currently building your business. I hope it empowers you to let go of what’s not working and start redefining the rules of entrepreneurship. Because a business can serve you first while also serving your customers and clients better.

We talk about…

  • How anxiety can be your compass

  • Redefining what the “rules” of entrepreneurship are for you

  • Restructuring how you do business so your biz can serve you first

  • Finding “success” and then feeling miserable

  • Trusting your intuition even when outside opinion and logic don’t line up




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Jessica Rodriguez is the founder of The Day Dream Achiever and Business Strategist with an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven coaches and strategists increase their profits, without increasing their work hours, through scalable offers and funnels.

Never one to shy away from the opportunity to share what she’s learned, you can find her each week on the #daydreamachievers podcast (available on iTunes and Stitcher) where she provides straightforward, actionable strategy and powerful conversations on what it really takes to step into a scalable and sustainable business model.

Through her Achievers Circle membership community, multiple self-study programs and a touch of client work, she continues to see what is possible when women stop apologizing for wanting more and go after it.

When she’s not talking all things business, you can find her curled up on the couch making inappropriate jokes with her hubby, miserably failing at not letting her furbabies take over the house, Netflix binging or traveling to the next adventure life brings.