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G&G 099: The Expectation to "Make It" Already with Lauren Frontiera

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"Why do we go into business with this expectation that we should have already made it to the finish line without going through the journey?"


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What's In This Episode:

It's episode freaking 99 (celebratory dance)!!!

And even though we're closing in on 100 episodes, I'm really just getting started with this whole biz thing.

So, in this episode, I'm sharing about my own frustrations with feeling like I need to have already "made it" when I'm just starting out.

Overnight success is BS. But the expectation that you should do just that is hella real.

So, if you're overwhelmed by these ridiculous expectations that you're putting on yourself to have already "made it" - whatever the hell that means - this is for you, boo.


"I want to have already made it because I want to feel like I've proven myself."


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"Not Impossible" by Mick Ebeling (affiliate link; if you buy the book or anything through this link, I may receive some dolla dolla bills. thank you!)

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