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G&G 098: Becoming an Artist with Amira Rahim

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"I just wanted to be noticed. I didn't know that my paintings would sell to anyone."




What's In This Episode:

I think our becomings happen so gradually that we don't even notice it until we've finally bloomed. The blooming part always seems so serendipitous, too. Because we had no idea we were becoming all along.

In this episode, I sit down with Amira Rahim, a contemporary abstract expressionist painter, to hear the story of how she became an artist.

It wasn't all paint clothes and easel and painting on the side of the streets until she got her big break - I know, that's what I expected, too.

It was more law school and trying out different jobs until one simple line from a movie changed everything for her - it was that serendipitous moment of her becoming.

Amira shares about how she went from blogging about her art to working full-time as an artist, what changes when your art becomes a business, dealing with negative feedback, and getting comfortable with fear.


Who's Amira Rahim?

Amira Rahim is a contemporary abstract expressionist painter whose work has been procured by collectors around the world, and most notably, by the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. Amira has been featured in Ebony Magazine, The Huffington Post, Design Mom, The National, Minted and Time Out Abu Dhabi. Trained in Sociology, Amira became a full-time artist to address feelings of solitude and displacement while abroad. Through her daily art practice, she explores the possibility of intuition and spontaneity through her use of bold color, vigorous brushstrokes and whimsical composition (like this beauty). In addition to painting, Amira runs an online community, Passion Color Joy, where she guides new and seasoned artists on things from selling a first painting to developing a brand, business and website. 


"We want to just be famous now. We want to have all the attention now. But there's a lot of value in being unknown. There's a lot of value in no one seeing your mistakes."


"I have to remind myself that I'm a painter, and that's what I do best. And that's what feeds my soul the most. I have way too many ideas in my head that I still need to get out. And it's not fair to myself to only focus on business aspects or to just be reactive."


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