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G&G 097: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph with Christine McAlister

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"Really early on, I realized I had a choice. And I realized this thing was going to define me."




What's In This Episode:

Christine was almost full-term with her first pregnancy, which had been healthy and normal. She was running a successful business, getting ready to meet her first baby, and living a pretty happy life. Then, everything changed.

In this episode, I sit down with Christine McAlister, a business and success coach, to learn about the tragedy that changed everything for her and how she turned this tragedy into "triumph", as Christine says.


Who's Christine McAlister?

Christine McAlister is a business & success coach and expert on turning tragedy into triumph (ahem, listen to this convo). An online entrepreneur since 2005, she's passionate about helping other women overcome their self-doubt and fear to create and grow their own online businesses. Her company, Life With Passion, helps high-achieving, motivated go-getters use their unique gifts to quit and stay out of their 9-5 jobs, get freedom to travel and work on their own terms, and do work that matters.


"I have a choice. I have a choice everyday. I have a choice if I'm going to get out of bed or if I'm going to get drunk and stay in it."


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