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G&G 091: Doing Things Differently with Kelsey Baldwin

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Episode Sneak Peek:

“I feel weirder when I am doing it and it doesn’t feel super true to me than when I choose not to do it.”




What's In This Episode:

It's terrifying to pave your own path and do things differently than everyone else. And it's hella inspiring to see badass women doing it!

In this episode, I sit back down with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper & Oats (she shared her story in episode 13) to find out how she's been doing things her own way since day one. Stepping outside of the box has been the main driver behind Kelsey's success - in life and in business. Ready to do you, boo? Listen on for inspiration.


“I don’t feel like that’s me and so, I’m going different directions with things and just trying to be a little more true to myself and authentic to me and not necessarily doing something just because everybody’s doing it, even if it’s working for those people.”


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