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G&G 009: Body Image, Boss Lady Struggles, and Bull Shit Boxes with Lauren Rhew

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I found my new favorite cuss word in today's episode. Can you guess what it is?

P.S. Grab some headphones if there are little ears around!

I believe whole-heartedly that if a lady wants to curse, she damn well can.

I'm introducing something new today - "Bull Shit Boxes". And I'm sharing with you my own personal struggle with body image recently and how that affected me as a boss lady and entrepreneur. I'm talking about how we put ourselves in these boxes (bull shit boxes) that we let prevent us from being able to chase our dreams. We tell ourselves that we're not worthy of or capable of this great dream chasing because we're "not thin enough" or "don't have the right clothes" or "the Instagram-worthy desk". It's bull shit. And I'm getting real about my feelings on this topic with you in today's episode.


What's in Today's Podcast:

I share my recent struggles with body image. And I explain a new concept - “bull shit boxes” - and talk about how they hold us back from chasing our big, beautiful dreams.


Show Notes:

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