The Real Female Entrepreneur

G&G 086: A Journey From Self-Hatred to Self-Love with Chakayla Taylor

Season 2Lauren FrontieraComment

Episode Sneak Peek:

"I know what it feels like to say 'I need help," and no ones paying attention to you, until it's too late."




What's In This Episode:

A young girl battling self-hatred after losing her mother and her father finds her way back to self-love again.

If you listened to Chakayla share her inspiration without hearing her story, you'd have no clue that she spent a decade of her life hating everything about herself. In this episode, I sit down with Chakayla Taylor, a certified goal success life coach, to dive into her story. Chakayla shares both the good and the bad that have shaped her into the inspirational, kickass woman that she is today, as well as the nuggets of wisdom her mother imparted to her that guide everything she does.


"You have to want it, even when you're stumbling."


"This is something about life that you just cannot control. You cannot control somebody else's actions. You cannot control somebody else's reactions. The only thing that you can control is what you say ... and what you allow yourself to go through .. what you allow yourself to experience."


"Perception is everything."