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G&G 085: The Guilt of Chasing Your Dreams with Alexis Drolet

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Episode Sneak Peek:

“This is never where any of us thought that I would get, and so I sometimes wonder, “Am I doing enough with the life that I’ve been given?””




What's In This Episode:

So many of us experience a lot of guilt around feeling the need to justify our time and how we spend our days and how much money we're making. It's a debilitating cycle that I think a lot of entrepreneurs have found themselves in.

In this episode, I sit down with the artist Alexis Drolet to talk about the guilt she's experience from chasing her dreams. After graduating with a degree in Biology and Neuroscience, Alexis spent the first part of her career working within that field. After having kids, though, she decided to start a new career as an artist.

She shares about the initial guilt she experienced because she wasn't doing what she, and others, thought she'd be doing now, given her background and degree. She also opens up about wondering whether what she's doing is living up to other people's expectations and the guilt the feels pursuing art and feeling like she should be doing something "more".


“I say, “I’m an artist,” and I’ve been trying really hard to hold my head up high and say that that is who I am and what I do.”


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