The Real Female Entrepreneur

G&G 083: Closing a Business, Depression, & The Butterfly Effect with Eileen Guan

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"It's hard to convince yourself that you have a place there, you have a voice there, and you have the confidence and the will to make something happen."




What's In This Episode:

One perspective we don't hear a lot about in the entrepreneurial community is the hard parts of deciding when to close a business and how to move on from there.

In this episode, I sit down with Eileen Guan, one of the founders of Billion, a social enterprise crowdfunding platform, to talk about the journey through starting and growing Billion to deciding to close it very recently. Eileen shares about why they closed Billion, how she made that decision, and what she's doing now. We also talk about working in tech as a young female entrepreneur, dealing with depression, giving up the title of "founder/entrepreneur", and her experience as a minority female with immigrant parents.


"I could not have done it without really strong, smart, wonderful, powerful women that bent down and extended a hand and helped lift me up."


"We put a lot of respect and we put a huge spotlight on people that lead in that huge way - like that are CEOs or presidents - but I think for a little while, I'm OK being someone that's working the machines in the background."


"Originally why I pitched Billion was because I wanted to change the freakin' world. And there's probably a lot of ego in that thinking that I could do something like that, but at least I wanted to try and to be a part of it."