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G&G 081: My Not-So-Typical Career Path with Lauren Frontiera

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"I was a really smart, intelligent person and successful in school, and I had just always assumed that my career would reflect that."




What's In This Episode:

I had 4 different jobs within 9 months of graduating college and 7 jobs within 2 years of graduating.

After spending all of my educational career as a straight-A student, I felt like a complete failure when it came to figuring out my career path. In today's episode, I thought it was about time that I sit down and share the real down-low with you about my career - all the jobs and dirty details. I share about working multiple jobs at once to make ends meet, how I got started with freelance work and working from home, and I answer one of the most-asked questions I get - how do I actually make money (or do I?).


"It's so important to remind ourselves that we don't have to go the typical career route. And it's OK to not know what we want to do and who we want to be. And it's OK to try lots of different things, in a span of several months or several years as you're figuring that out."


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