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G&G 077: Making The Most of Your Hours & Juggling #AllTheThings with Natalie Jayne Moore

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"For me, the first step was accepting where I was."




What's In This Episode:

Maybe we don't need more than 24 hours in a day. Maybe, instead, we need to make more of the hours we already have.

In today's episode, I sat down with Natalie Jayne Moore, a fine art film wedding photographer, who is running her photography business full-time while also going to art school full-time. In our conversation, we talk a lot about making time for all the things, trying to juggle it all, and the hardest parts. Natalie grew her business from a part-time job to a full-time business while going to school full-time - that's no small feat!

For anyone trying to juggle it all (I'm looking at you!), this is such a wonderful conversation to listen to.


"Sometimes I have to just accept my situation and know I'm doing the best that I can and that's all that I really can do."


"People can tell when you love what you do."


"I think it's really good to learn to take criticism."


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