The Real Female Entrepreneur

G&G 076: Intersectionality and Creativity with Danae Edmonds

Season 2Lauren FrontieraComment

"It's difficult work. But it's work that has to be done."




What's In This Episode:

I loved talking to Danae SO MUCH in episode 56 that I just had to have her back on. I also wanted to dive into a part of diversity (and a word in particular) that Danae recently introduced me to.

In today's episode, we're talking about intersectionality, what it is, and what it means for us as creators. Diversity is such a beautiful thing and intersectionality gives a deeper look into diversity and our very different perspectives and experiences of the world. Having these conversations is so insanely important.

I hope that you go into this episode with an open mind and heart and eager to learn. And I hope you walk away even more eager to hear other people's stories and perspectives, knowing that we all are experiencing the world in very different ways.


"It's important to be inclusive. It's important to share different stories."