The Real Female Entrepreneur

G&G 074: Embracing Your Creative Rebel with Violeta Nedkova

Season 2Lauren FrontieraComment

Episode Sneak Peek:

"It's very difficult to shed all of those expectations and those rules and just go for what you really want."




What's In This Episode:

When I first heard Violeta use the term "creative rebel", I immediately knew she was my people.

In today's episode, Violeta shares about always feeling like a misfit and never quite fitting in .. until she found her people online. Violeta shares about her career from working as an au pair in Italy to consulting with start-ups. Now, working for herself, she shares about her biggest fear and the struggle she faces when trying to validate what she does to outsiders.

If there's one thing I took away from Violeta's story and her heart behind what she does, it's that following your heart and doing what feels good will always lead you in the right direction.


"Most of the things that are worthwhile in our lives, just happen by themselves without being planned."


"Everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing instead of betting on their strengths."


"Fun brought me back to myself."