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G&G 072: Behind-The-Scenes with My Hubby, Part 1

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"Grit and Glitter really is a part of you and I think that's what's different..."




What's In This Episode: 

So, I had this wild idea to bring my hubby, Josh, on to share his thoughts about the podcast and all that I do. Because, honestly, who better than to share the behind-the-scenes of our hearts and our lives than the ones who are living it?!

In today's episode, I ask Josh what his thoughts are about the podcast and what I do. We talk about my first business and the differences between it and what I do now. And we talk about the big elephant in the room that no one really wants to talk about - money, and my biggest fears with it and the podcast.

Buckle up and grab a glass of wine, sweets. It's about to get gooood!


"Because this isn't your full-time job right now you don't push yourself to put Grit and Glitter in a position where it can start making money for you because you have your own self-doubts and insecurities about what that looks like..."


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