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G&G 070: Making Radical Shifts In Your Industry with Claire Coder

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"It is a battle, and it seems like every time we take a step, we get pushback."




What's In This Episode:

Making radical shifts in any space comes with it's fair share of pushback, but this lady is pushing back against the hate and breaking down barriers. And it's beautiful.

In today's episode, I'm sitting down with Claire Coder of Aunt Flow, which is a buy one, give one subscription box for tampons, and talking about the recent shift they made from using the term "feminine hygiene product" to "menstrual product".

Claire shares about her heart for creating an inclusive product and supporting the trans community. She also shares about the hate and pushback she's received from making this shift. We talk about doing things as a business that people don't agree with and how you push past that to truly create change.

Great change always begins with a courageous person, courageously facing pushback. I'm so proud of the courageous person Claire is and the brave work she's doing.


"I think that feminism is very important as long as it is based on inclusivity and bringing people together in a positive way."


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