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G&G 007: Self-Limiting Expectations with Lauren Rhew

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Expectations are dream haters.

We set these expectations for ourselves, almost without even noticing. "I must get 30 likes on this photo, or I suck." "I have to find two new customers today, or I'm going to be a failure." "If I eat another donut, I'm a fatso who hasn't worked out in a week and needs to go on a diet." A lot of times, when we step back and examine the expectation we're wrestling with, the expectation makes NO sense at all.

Yet, we allow these expectations to limit our abilities, our actions, and our worth. These are self-limiting expectations. And they're dream haters. And big piles of manure.


What's In Today's Podcast:

I talk about self-limiting expectations: what they are, my own personal struggle with them recently , and how we can overcome them.


Show Notes:

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