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G&G 061: Turning the Hard Parts Into Good with Lauren Harbury

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"I started off the year basically bailing on my life. I quit my job. I quit my relationship. I moved across the country."




What's In This Episode:

Oftentimes, the hardest parts of our journeys teach us the most beautiful of lessons.

In today's episode, I sit down with Lauren Harbury to talk about why 2016 was such a hard year for her. She shares about some really big changes she made in her life, how she hit a really low point during it all, and how it changed her writing.

Lauren talks about quitting her job, quitting her relationship, moving across the country, and moving into her first apartment by herself. She shares about how the hard parts led to her sharing more through her writing and how that led to her connecting more with her readers.

This is one of those conversations that just does all the good for you heart ... because ((praise hands)) to knowing you're not alone. Am I right?!


"It was hard, because I was one of those people that .. I felt like I had it all together immediately after graduation. I'd been dating someone for 3 years at that point and we were moving in together and I had a job and I had two dogs and a house and I was just like 'whoo hoo! got it all figured out!', and you know, until you don't."