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G&G 060: Self-Love in Business with Lauren Frontiera

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"There's this shame around self-love and loving yourself and being happy with your body and not feeling like you have to use this self-deprecating talk to be normal or to make people comfortable."




What's In This Episode:

Or maybe the title should be Self-Deprectation in Business. 'Cause that's the real problem that needs addressing.

In today's episode, I'm sharing about why self-deprecation feels more normal than self-love and how a lack of self-love is showing up in our businesses and online platforms. We need to have this conversation. We need to normalize self-love. And we need to be the ones willing to lead the charge. Ya with me?


"I hope that we all are at a place, or can reach a place, where we are comfortable enough in our own skin to be our real selves and to not have to a) apologize for it and b) even own up to it."


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