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G&G 006: Finding Success Amidst the Struggles, Bullying, and Community Over Competition with Hope Taylor

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Bullying is a very real thing. In school. In business. In life. Hope opens up about her experience with bullying and shares the struggles she went through to find success in her business.

Some of the greatest stories begin with struggle. Hope's story is one of those. She launched her business while in high school and grew a successful Senior Portrait and Wedding Photography business all before graduating high school. She is totally a rock star, people!!! It may sound like your typical, inspirational story of an over-achiever starting young and growing a business all before turning 25. But Hope's story is so much more than that. Hope's story is a beautiful, heart-warming story of a dreamer who radiates love and who overcame some really hard obstacles while finding her way on the road to success.

Hope opens up about bullying that she experienced a lot in high school. She talks about the struggle to grow her business in a very competitive industry. She shares with us the struggle of finding her way and finding community as a creative. Hope shares the un-pretty parts that are so very real, and she then offers guidance and inspiration for overcoming those really hard parts of business and life. She's a bright ray of sunshine, and I am so honored to share her story with you.


What's in Today's Podcast:

Hope shares her story of launching her business as a teenager and growing a very successful Senior Portrait and Wedding Photography business before graduating high school. Her story isn’t all success and sunshine, though. She faced many obstacles and struggles along the way. We talk about ...

  • Her struggles with bullying
  • Finding your way in a competitive industry
  • The un-pretty parts of starting and growing a business
  • The Rising Tide Society
  • Community Over Competition


Show Notes:

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Community Over Competition on Instagram: #CommunityOverCompetition

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