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G&G 059: How Our Hardest Moments Define Us with Lauren Frontiera

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Episode Sneak Peek:

“I believed that because I had these doubts and insecurities that I was a failure.”




What's In This Episode:

Our hardest moments often define our most beautiful truths.

In today's episode, in celebration of the podcast's 1 year birthday, the tables are turning and I'm sharing my story. Naturally, I'm taking you way back to middle school and walking you through some of the hardest parts of my story and sharing how they define so much of who I am today. I'm talking about my wild career journey after college, how I made the decision to close my first business after only two years, and how the podcast began.


"The beautiful thing about those harsh realities and the really hard parts of our stories, that at the time feel so devastating, is that sometimes those are just the things that end up shaping us and shaping the most beautiful parts of our stories."


In this episode, you'll hear the un-pretty realities of...

  • Experiencing intense bullying during high school
  • Enduring family turmoil and feeling like everything was falling apart
  • Having 7 different jobs within 2 years of leaving college
  • Drowning in doubts and insecurities as an entrepreneur

You'll also hear the crazy, inspiring parts of...

  • Finding confidence during difficult periods of life
  • Realizing that your circumstances don’t have to determine your happiness
  • Dreaming of creating a podcast and doing it
  • Deciding when it’s time to close a business and making that decision

“The real raw stuff isn’t always the pretty, marketable stuff.”


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“I remember feeling like such a failure because I could barely make ends meet. Now, here am I doing the podcast because of these things.”


In this episode, you'll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of...

  • Moving through shame into owning your own voice
  • Making the conscious choice to be happy and making it a habit
  • Listening to your heart’s call and embracing change to follow it
  • Finding work/life balance with a business and significant other

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