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G&G 056: When a Stroke Changes Your Life with Danae Edmonds

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Episode Sneak Peek:

“I’m like, ‘Hey self, get it together.’ But I couldn’t actually do anything about it.”




What's In This Episode:

What happens when the trajectory you've planned out for your life suddenly changes and everything feels outside of your control?

In today's episode, I sit down with my sweet friend, Danae Edmonds, to hear her story. Her senior year of college, she had a stroke. And then, another. It completely bulldozed the plans she had for after graduation. Danae shares about this part of her story that she's never shared about publicly before.

She also shares about the inspiration behind her digital magazine, Speaking of Everything. Three years into running the magazine on the side, she still doesn't have plans to take it full-time. Danae so beautifully points out that sometimes doing something for ourselves, for our own creativity, is more important than trying to force it to become something bigger.


"I am sitting at my laptop typing and designing and doing whatever else and putting it out there and what happens after that is none of my concern."


Danae shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Struggling during college to figure out what life-after-graduation looked like
  • Having a stroke in the middle of her senior year of college
  • Re-evaluating her entire career path after a stroke changed everything
  • Dealing with conflict with her co-founder soon after launching a digital magazine

And the crazy, inspiring ways she...

  • Created Speaking of Everything to inspire women to follow their dreams
  • Bravely shared her story publicly for the first time on this podcast
  • Ran her magazine as a side project for 3 years beside a full-time job
  • Decided not to care how many people she inspired, as long as she inspired herself

“I want people to be inspired. I didn’t say 12 people. I didn’t say 12 million people. I want people to be inspired and sometimes it’s just me.


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“Everytime I think about something I should be doing, I come across something that reminds me to just enjoy this phase.”


In this episode, you'll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of...

  • Going through a life-changing health scare and moving forward
  • Deciding whether or not to share your personal life with your audience
  • Creating a passion project and not being attached to the outcome
  • Finding balance with keeping to your deadlines and caring for yourself

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