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G&G 054: How Shame Creates Guilt in Our Lives & Businesses

Season 2Lauren FrontieraComment

Episode Sneak Peek:

"Guilt is a response to a more deep-seeded emotion that many of us don't like to feel."




What's In This Episode:

I think we're all carrying around these big bolders of guilt, in our lives and in our businesses, and we're crumbling under the weight of them. In today's episode, I'm talking about guilt, what it means, how it's a result of shame, and my own experience with guilt in my life and business.


"Sharing into those dark corners of our hearts where shame resides is scary as hell because we already put so much shame and guilt on ourself for those emotions that opening yourself up to the world and knowing that other people could do the same, is really scary."


"Shame is such a hard emotion to not just feel, but to talk about out loud."


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