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G&G 053: Cookbook Deals + The Career Journey to Finding that "Thing" with Jessica Murnane

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Episode Sneak Peek:

“Why am I in design if all I want to tell people is how a plant-based diet can help you?”




What's In This Episode:

Have you ever laid in bed at night asking yourself, “What’s my thing?”

Jessica Murnane is an author, podcast host, and wellness advocate. Nearly a decade into her career, Jessica found herself lying awake at night wondering, “What’s my thing?”. In today’s episode, she shares her wild career journey from starting her own wedding stationery business to opening a bar in Barcelona to now sharing her passion for plant-based eating (it saved her from having to have a hysterectomy) and releasing her first cookbook. 

She shares about her recent experience of writing and releasing her first cookbook, how the past year of her life was both the craziest and one of the hardest, and how finally finding her “thing” has changed everything.


“My job is sometimes hard. Living with a chronic illness is definitely hard. Is a kid harder than that? I don’t think so.” 


Jessica shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Feeling unsatisfied in her design career and wanting excitement
  • Having endometriosis affect her energy and ability to work
  • Experiencing the hardest year of her life and still maintaining her business

And the crazy, inspiring ways she...

  • Took the leap into wellness advocacy and found her passion
  • Applied her skills from branding and design to grow her website and cookbook
  • Documented her entire cookbook journey (and the weirdest year of her life) and turned it into a podcast

“If you put something out into the world, not everyone is going to like it."


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“I just don’t think anymore, ‘What’s my thing?’”


In this episode, you'll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of...

  • Finding your passion and turning it into a career
  • Building a brand and running a business through tough life challenges
  • Creating a cookbook for the first time and learning as you go