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G&G 052: Having Empathy Despite Our Differences with Rachel Tenny

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"It's OK to experience things that aren't great. I don't have to project that onto someone else."




What's In This Episode: 

How do we find empathy in moments of fierce disagreement? How do we kick judgement to the curb and stop letting it hold us back from connecting with people who are different than us, believe differently than us, and live differently than us?

In today's episode, I dive into the heart of these questions with Rachel Tenny. Rachel brings her experience as a therapist to the table and shares some interesting insights and ways to move past fear or anger and on to empathy. With the recent fierce debate and disagreement around the election and inauguration of Donald Trump, this conversation couldn't come at a better time.


"You can't relate to the hard thing they're going through but you can relate to what it's like to be a human being that struggles, that has loss, that feels grief, that feels joy ... all of the emotions. You can relate to the fact that it's basically hard to be a human being."


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