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G&G 050: Making Shifts & Facing Change in Business with Kayla Hollatz

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Episode Sneak Peek:

“I can’t pour into other people anymore if I don’t have enough to fill myself.”




What's In This Episode:

Evolving along with our business is natural. But making those shifts and changes is hard. In today’s episode, Kayla Hollatz opens up and shares about the recent (and upcoming) changes in her own business and her community, the #createlounge. We talk about how her business began and has evolved and how she is boldly making those shifts. We talk about the fear around changing and taking breaks and how to move past those.

Kayla also opens up and shares about some really intense bullying and body-shaming that she experienced and how that, as well as some other difficult childhood experiences, led to her passion and heart for building communities.


“Understand the season you’re in and where you need to pour your energy.”


Kayla shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Having a support system that didn’t understand her work and questioned its value
  • Going through dark things as a child and having a low self-worth
  • Standing out and desperately trying to change how she looked to fit in
  • Building a business and feeling the desire to do something else

And the crazy, inspiring ways she...

  • Started #createlounge to surround herself with the people she loves connecting with
  • Built a successful business around her experience creating a community
  • Overcame low self-esteem and started appreciating herself and her body
  • Created a support system that refreshes her instead of draining her energy

“You don’t have to wear all the hats. Some of the hats are a very natural fit and others you’re squeezing on for dear life.”


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“We think about our own self-development all the time, but we need to think about other people, too.”


In this episode, you'll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of...

  • Overcoming bullying and low self-esteem to focus on loving what is
  • Accepting your desire to change and transitioning your business into one that feels right
  • Taking a break with your business and getting past the fear of everything falling apart
  • Being honest with your community and believing they’ll understand

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