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G&G 005: Giving Yourself Permission to Experience Emotion, Big Changes, and Tough Feelings

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Change is hard. And sometimes rather than experiencing the feelings we want to so deeply feel, all we feel is guilt.

Change is hard. It's surrounded with fear and the unknown and sometimes sadness and heartbreak to leave behind what was. But all too often, we feel guilty about feeling what we truly feel. So, rather than feeling the full weight of our emotions, we drown ourselves in guilt.

Guilty. (arm raised high) I've done it a dozen times before. But today I'm sharing my struggle with it right now, amidst big, scary changes in my own life. If you've struggled with this before or are struggling with it right now, I hope you know you're not alone. And I hope my story and my struggle inspires you to believe that your emotions are worth the work it takes to give yourself permission to experience it.


What's In Today's Podcast:

I share my struggle with big changes and a big move. I open up about my own personal struggle with giving myself permission to experience certain emotions amidst big changes, tough feelings, and guilt.


Show Notes:

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