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G&G 049: Creating Courageously with Kercia Mueller

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Episode Sneak Peek: 

"It's OK to have fears. It's not OK to not follow your heart."




What's In This Episode:

How do we creating boldly despite the doubts and fears?

It's the question that fuels so much of our frustration and procrastination. The fear can quite literally paralyze us. Creating courageously isn't for the faint of heart, and in this episode, I dive heart-first into the topic with Kercia Mueller, graphic designer and all-around amazing human being.

We talk about courage versus fearlessness and the fear of judgement around what you're creating. Kercia also shares her beautiful tips on what to do if you've been sitting there scared and are ready to start creating.


"Be scared. Have shaky legs. You can even crawl. But just show up. Show up and create."


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