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G&G 043: Living a Life That Authentically Inspires Rather Than Mimics Inspiration with Heather Spooner

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Episode Sneak Peek: 

"We can live lives bigger than the words plastered on our walls."



What's In This Episode:

What happens when you cover your walls with words and quotes and inspiration, yet your life doesn't align with any of it? My love language is words, so plastering them on my walls makes me one happy lady. But in today's episode, I sit down with Heather Spooner, who challenges my thoughts on this.

We discuss how we can live out a life that will inspire a sign to be hung on our wall, rather than hanging signs on our walls and hoping our life mimics them. If you're ready to really live out those words and inspirational quotes that are hanging on your wall, or if you just love a good soul chat, this episode is for you.


"I think that you have to be in tune with and appreciate that the hard stuff and the good stuff and all of the stuff that you're wading through in your life is all purpose-filled. There's a reason you're doing it."


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