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G&G 042: Why I Unfollowed Over 1,000 People on Instagram with Lauren Frontiera

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Episode Sneek Peak:

"I was following so many people who were leaving me feeling inspired .. but more inspired to be more like them, not like myself."




What's In This Episode:

I felt completely overwhelmed. I was following some of the most kickass people and inspirational accounts on Instagram, yet I felt less inspired than ever before. After wallowing in the doubts and insecurities for several months, I decided it was time for a change. In this episode, I share why I decided to do an Instagram purge and how I went from following over 1,100 people to following less than 200. Feeling overwhelmed or uninspired by Instagram? This episode is for you, sweet dreamer.


"I started with over 1,100 and by the time I was done with the Instagram purge, I was following less than 200."


"I had accounts that would leave me feeling encouraged and empowered to chase these big dreams, but the dreams kept looking eerily similar to the same dreams that she was chasing."


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The 2 Questions I asked myself when unfollowing Instagram accounts...

  1. Does this person/brand/account inspire me to be more authentically me?

  2. Does consuming this content encourage me to more creatively and authentically chase my dreams?

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