The Real Female Entrepreneur

G&G 041: Unapologetically Becoming Your Most Authentic Self with Jolie Ankrom

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"So much of who I was was for other people, and it wasn't making me happy."


with Jolie Ankrom




It’s the finale episode of season one! And the kickass girlboss I have for you today has been on my dream guest list since the very beginning. 

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Jolie of Brim Papery. She’s a kickass hand letterer and not to mention - one boss bitch (a wink to her amazing boss bitch products). I am obsessed with her mugs and if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve seen mine time and time again.

Jolie is an inspiration. We talk about getting vulnerable, the stigma behind being an opinionated female and her experience of that, as well as her really hard religious journey that a lot of you might relate to. She’s spent the past decade learning, growing,and changing in really big ways, and she opens up about it all. Get ready to dive deep into her story because she’s holding nothing back!

We talk about...

  • Becoming a stay at home mom and disliking the dynamic
  • Transitioning out of a Christian identity in front of an audience
  • Losing followers who didn’t understand her changing vibe
  • Feeling overwhelmed with just keeping her business going
  • Found a fulfilling outlet in making and building a business
  • Grew her team and shared products with retail stores
  • Overcame mom guilt and found balance putting herself first
  • Decided to put her children in childcare and focus on her work
  • Learning to make space for yourself as a mother and a boss
  • Giving yourself permission to do things that make your life easier
  • Working through life transitions and dealing with other people’s perspectives
  • Accepting that you will never please everyone and working with integrity
  • Overcoming struggles with fear and anxiety about growing and achieving