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G&G004: Finding “Good Enough” and The Struggles with Business and Social Media with Rachel Tenny

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We're all just struggling to feel good enough.

I can think of no better word to describe Rachel than 'inspiration'. She's full of spunk and sass and all things lovely and packs a mean punch of inspiration, truth, and downright lovableness. You can't help but want to sit down and talk life with her over a glass (er, bottle) of wine!!

She shares a sneak peek into the struggles she dealt with as a new business owner and creative and the struggles she still deals with on a daily basis. We dig deep and discuss the topic of "good enough" and she shares her most recent struggle with us.

It's a must listen to, y'all.


What's In Today's Podcast:

Rachel shares her story of leaving a career in HR to pursue her passion in counseling, working in an eating disorder clinic, launching her inspiration-based company as a watercolor artist/letterer, and her struggle with an autoimmune disease. We talk about ...

  • The struggles of starting a business
  • The never-ending search for "good enough"
  • Finding validation on social media
  • Extending grace in difficult circumstances


Show Notes:

You can find Rachel on ...

Instagram: @rachel_tenny


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