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G&G 036: The Unspoken Truth About Confidence with Lauren Frontiera

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What's In Today's Episode:

Believe it or not, I haven’t always been this loud, confident, outspoken person. Years ago, I was quiet and soft-spoken and unsure of my beliefs and opinions. Now here I am, getting vulnerable and real (not to mention loud!) every week with you beautiful human beings.

I’m much more confident and outspoken in my words and my thoughts and my truths, today. But despite that, the truth is, I don’t always feel 100% confident. And when it does, I start feeling like my work doesn’t matter.

In this episode, I’m getting real with you about confidence and my own struggles. You’ll get to hear my major AHA moment and find out what struggles I still have with confidence.


Lauren shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Struggling with the truth of not-so-constant confidence
  • Not being able to muster an ounce of confidence
  • Feeling nowhere near 100% confident and unworthy of sharing your work
  • Battling confidence and body image

And the crazy, inspiring ways she...

  • Found her confidence and her voice
  • Pushed past fears and shared her vulnerability with the world
  • Stopped buying into the lie of constant confidence
  • Found the inspiration to keep going despite feeling unconfident

I want to empower you with the truth that confidence is not a constant, sweet dreamer. You won’t feel confident in the shit that you’re sharing/creating 100% of the time. But even when you don’t feel that confidence, you MUST still do it.

In this episode, you'll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of:

  • Getting rid of stereotypical labels that simply make us feel powerful
  • Having an emotional awakening about the truth of confidence
  • Sharing your work even when you aren’t 100% confident in yourself
  • Feeling unstoppable with confidence then no confidence at all
  • Having the will to go on despite not feeling 100% confident

The Raw Truth of Lauren Frontiera:

“I used to label people as confident or insecure, even though I hate labels.”

“What comes with labels are these stereotypical understandings of who we are based on one word.”

“Confidence isn’t constant.”

“I started to buy into this lie that because my confidence wasn’t constant, that this kickass shit that I was creating wasn’t worthy of being put out into the world.”

“Stop buying into the lie that if we aren’t 100% confident about what we’re doing, we shouldn’t be doing it.”

“The truth is that confidence is not constant, but the one thing that can be constant is our will and drive to continue on despite that truth.”


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Episode 36 Mantra:

“Confidence isn't constant.”


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