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G&G 035: Turning Our Mess Into a Message with Jessica Rasdall

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What's In Today's Episode:

I am so insanely excited to introduce you to Jessica Rasdall. If you haven’t heard Jessica’s story before, listen up because you’re in for some kickass truth and inspiration.

Jessica is a motivational speaker and coach for female entrepreneurs. She started speaking about ten years ago, but not to female entrepreneurs. And it wasn’t something she’d planned to do. It began after one night her freshman year of college, when she was driving, with her best friend in the passenger seat, after having a few drinks. The car crashed and Jessica’s best friend died in the passenger seat. It’s a hard story to tell. It’s a hard story to carry. But Jessica learned that there’s power in our stories, even that ones that are hard to tell. And our mess can become a powerful message.

Now she teaches female entrepreneurs how to unearth their signature stories and share them with flair. Jessica is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and I’m so excited for her to share her story with you.


Jessica shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Facing 10-15 years in prison
  • Picking up the pieces after losing a loved one
  • The uncertainty after tragedy
  • Having no one to blame but yourself
  • Not feeling like you deserve a second chance

And the crazy inspiring ways she...

  • Found the drive to keep going despite guilt
  • Got crystal clear about where she’s going
  • Used her story to inspire huge change in others
  • Shared her message with the people who needed it
  • Shifted her career and turned her mess into a message

Our doubts and insecurities are constantly holding us back. It can be so hard to escape them even when we know they’re hiding the greater WHY of what we’re doing.

We all have some story that’s hard to share. When you hear someone else’s, that’s the first thing that comes to your heart, but you’re still wondering ... how could my story ever help someone?

It can, sweet lady.

In this episode, you'll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of:

  • Turning your mess into a message
  • Focusing on where you’re going instead of being stuck where you’re at
  • Crafting your bigger vision and letting go of doubts that are holding you back
  • Finding inspiration on the hard days
  • Talking about what you want despite your fears
  • Sharing your story from a place of power

The Raw Truth of Jessica Rasdall:

“You are more than your title on your business card. You are serving your people and you’re doing it for a reason.”

“I made it my life’s mission to show others life is going to happen. We’re going to make mistakes, but what you do next matters more than anything else.”

“There’s always going to be a little voice trying to cut you down and if you aren’t proactive, it will.”

“We spend so much time crafting the story of where we’ve been and where we are, but it’s so important to share where we’re going.”

“This isn’t it. This isn’t the end. You’re still going, so talk about it.”

“When you’re looking at your story, it’s not your story. It’s the message you’re delivering. You tell your story because you need to deliver a message to someone else.”

“My comfort level is not that important when it comes to how many lives are being impacted.”

“If you are struggling with doubts and insecurities. I need you to take a step back and look at your story and look at it from a place that is so much bigger than you.”


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Episode 35 Mantra:

“My story can help someone.”


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