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G&G 034: When You Lose the Power to Choose What Makes You Happy with Lauren Frontiera

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What's In Today's Episode:

This is one of the greatest and hardest lessons I’ve learned.

Sometimes in life, we start to choose to do the things that will make other people happy, instead of ourselves. I’ve been there time and time again and eventually I end up completely lost.

Have you ever found yourself working so hard to please the people around you that you lost sight of your own happiness?

Then this episode, is for you, you lovely human being.


Lauren shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Feeling completely lost and confused
  • Ending up miserable bad day after bad day
  • Not feeling happy in her own skin
  • Making decisions just to make other people happy
  • Having 7 different jobs within 2 years of graduating college
  • Measuring her self-worth with her to-do list

And the crazy inspiring ways she...

  • First learned to choose happiness
  • Recognized that her worth depended on more than productivity
  • Changed her focus from work to worth
  • Stopped building a life based on what other people wanted
  • Re-empowered herself to choose what makes her happy

Are you ready to ditch the robotic way of life that revolves around what you think other people want? I think we all are. But it’s not always easy to get there, and sometimes that journey includes receiving resistance from the people you love most.

But when you choose what makes you happy, your life becomes a life that inspires others and in the end, everyone is happier for it (including you).

In this episode, you’ll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of:

  • Getting comfortable with the power to choose what makes you happy
  • Facing the crossroads of making other people happy versus yourself
  • Getting over the fear of choosing you
  • Sticking through unsupportive responses for the ultimate pay-off
  • Inspiring others by being true to your truest self

The Raw Truth of Lauren Frontiera:

“In trying to do and be the person that we think will make other people happy, ultimately no one ends up happy.”

“My to-do list became this measuring stick for my worth.”

“I started to believe that being more productive made me a better human being.”

“When we’re not choosing to be the person that makes us happiest, we become this dark shadow of ourselves.”

“We have the power to choose what makes us happy or we can choose to be powerless and do what we think will make everyone else happy.”

“Never settle for less than what makes you feel alive. Never give up your power to choose what makes you happy.”

“Most of the time, the decision that is best for you and everyone included is the hardest decision to follow through with.”


Can you relate? Your story means the world to me. Send me an email with your own experience or leave a review of the Grit and Glitter Podcast on iTunes, if you’re feeling inspired. I’ve heard so many amazing stories already and I would LOVE to get to know you.

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Episode 34 Mantra:

"I have the power to choose what makes me happy."



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