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G&G 033: Staying True to Yourself ... Even When it's Taboo with Claire Coder

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What's In Today's Episode:

We’re talking about staying true to ourselves with the lovely and freaking amazing Claire Coder. Claire is the Founder and CEO of Aunt Flow. We’re talking tampons people.

Why? Claire embodies staying true to your truest age nineteen!

Claire dropped out of college after only a semester and was ALL on her own. Shitty job and all. Oh yes, she’s been there too.

But now, she’s CEO. She’s got a dreamy life. She’s freaking awesome. But entrepreneurship isn’t all roses and tampons. In fact, most of the time, it’s anything but dreamy.


Claire shares the un-pretty realities of...

  • Going from successful startup at 16 to college and not loving it
  • The struggles of a total life transition
  • Leaving college, leaving a job, and going it all alone
  • Nude modeling for rent money
  • Why tampons are a taboo topic - from Asian culture to TV
  • One-woman team loneliness
  • Shedding tears and getting let down

And the crazy inspiring ways she...

  • Realized that feminine hygiene was a major issue for tons of women
  • Raised serious startup funding within months
  • Made things happen without a college degree
  • Built a business around a subject that people don’t talk about
  • Started educating men about menstruation

Raise your hand if you’ve ever let go of yourself to follow what you’ve seen on social media. Let me see those hands! Staying true to myself has been a long, long journey and it’s a journey that never ends.

Claire goes back to her early days of entrepreneurship (remember, she’s only 19!), and she shares in great detail her launch of Aunt Flow.

In this episode, you’ll learn the GRIT + GLITTER of:

  • Rejecting norms and being completely responsible for your life
  • Talking about things that people don’t talk about enough - periods, sex, nude modeling
  • Responding when investors shut the door and just don’t understand
  • Getting resourceful when there’s not enough information to learn what you need to learn
  • Struggling with work and worthiness during the ups and downs
  • Moving forward when you aren’t making a penny

The Raw Truth of Claire Coder:

“There are struggles in every business. It doesn't help that I’m 19. It doesn't help that I’m a woman. It doesn’t help that my industry is feminine hygiene.”

“There are a lot of things that aren’t talked about enough.”

“The highs for us aren’t going to be highs for anyone else. It’s just understanding and accepting where you’re at.”

“I’m a one-woman team. I can do things by myself if I need to.”

“Nude modeling is almost as taboo as talking about menstruation. You don’t talk about being a nude model. It’s not a resume-builder.”

“Starting a life chapter on my own helped me understand how to be independent.”

“If you’re starting a business, you have to do it out of passion. The reason I can continue forward is because I’m passionate about it.”


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Episode 33 Motto:

"I believe one of the greatest and hardest things we can ever do is stay true to who we are."


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