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G&G 027: Starting Before it’s Perfect & Learning When to Let Go with Holly Diederich

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Start before it's perfect and give yourself permission to succeed.

Everything doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to have it all figured out. Launching a business, chasing your dreams ... they aren't picture perfect. Trust me, I know. But it's easier to obsess over every little detail and spend all of your time perfecting rather than launching. Sometimes that becomes our shield; from facing the fear of launching.


What's In Today's Episode:

We put so much pressure on ourselves to have everything perfect before launching. We buy into the lie that in order to be successful we need to have everything in order, first. Holly shatters this lie with her amazing story of starting her coaching business with nothing but a Facebook group page and a freight train full of passion! She made her first $12k in just over a month. She shares how her coaching business began (completely unplanned!), how she knew when it was time to let go of her first business, and how a tough childhood has shaped the person she is today.


Show Notes:

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