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G&G 025: The Real, Raw Story of Launching A Business with Trena Little

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Six months in. And she's sharing all of her truths.

Grit and Glitter Podcast Episode 25 | The Real, Raw Story of Launching A Business with Trena Little

This may be one of my all-time favorite episodes! Trena shares a perspective unlike any others thus far. She recently left her full-time job that was "perfect" in so many ways to start her own business ... in January! She's only six months in and is sharing all of the very real, very raw hard parts of launching a new business.


What's In Today's Episode:

In today’s entrepreneurial-praised world, it’s easy to believe that starting a business is easy, glamorous, and happens overnight .. or even in the first six months. But that’s anything but the truth. Having just launched her business six months ago, Trena shares the real, raw truths of starting a business, growing a brand, and trying to get customers. It’s anything but easy. She vulnerably shares the hard parts, like struggling with comparison, the sacrifices she’s made, and spending weeks developing a program that no one bought.


Show Notes:

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