The Real Female Entrepreneur

TRFE 232: The First 2 Years of Business: Passion, Learning, + Support with Megan Hartman-Sparks

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“Passion keeps you going on entrepreneur days that are hard. Because if I fall in love with the business and the business ebbs and flows, I’m going to fall out of love.”


with Megan Hartman-Sparks



The first two years of starting a business are a giant freaking learning curve! Megan Hartman-Sparks is right at that two year mark and she’s sharing about what that journey has been like so far - the highs, the lows, and the one thing that’s kept her going from the start. Megan’s company, Lymph Candy, is a non-toxic, vegan, aluminum free deodorant, and she spends a lot of her time educating customers and pregnant women on why that’s so important. So, of course, she educates us a little at the beginning of our convo, too. If you’re interested in switching to natural products for yourself and your home, deodorant is a great place to start and Megan explains why.

We talk about…

  • why Megan’s first pregnancy was the catalyst for launching Lymph Candy
  • how surrounding yourself with other amazing women entrepreneurs can transform your first few years in business
  • how the most difficult parts of business are also the greatest learning opportunities
  • the basic foundations of building a business that you spend the first two years trying to get right




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Megan Hartman-Sparks is an energetic people person who graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Communication Studies & a minor in Spanish. Megan worked at top retail brands like Anthropologie and Lululemon before launching herself into the advertising world. Working on Dannon, Unilever, and Beiersdorf she saw just how powerful global companies are across Food & Personal Care categories especially with healthy advertising budgets. Finished with building someone else’s dreams, after the arrival of her first son, she decided to start Lymph Candy. She serves as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and oversees all supplier relationships, business logistics and strategic partnerships.