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G&G 023: Shame, Judgement, & Learning to Accept Our Stories with Mira Joleigh

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The most courageous thing we can do is accept our own story.

I think what we believe is really doubt and insecurity sometimes is our fear of our own stories. There are so many layers of shame and fear of judgement that we must first peel away before we can learn to accept.


What's In Today's Episode:

In business and in life, one of the biggest struggles we face is learning to accept our own stories. All too often, shame and judgement get in the way. Mira beautifully shares her story and her journey to overcome her own shame and fear of judgement. We talk about so many heart-deep topics in life and business - finding balance, running a business through heartache and bad days, imposter syndrome, and so much more.


Show Notes:

Mira’s Success Club:
“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Haye
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

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