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G&G 022: FOMO ... The Real, Raw Repercussions with Lauren Rhew

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You know when you have that FOMO because YOLO?! ... yeah.

Grit and Glitter Podcast | Episode 22 | FOMO - The Real, Raw Repercussions with Lauren Rhew

I have so many moments of pure and utter loneliness ... like I'm the only one of the world who feels the way I do. And I wallow. Oh, how I wallow. But then I realize ... I'm not the only one! I cannot be the only person that feels this way right now. And there's no greater power than in a simple "me too". You're not the only one struggling with FOMO, boo.


What's In Today's Episode:

FOMO has gotten a rap for being this funny acronym that gets tossed around on social media. But there’s real, raw repercussions behind FOMO … repercussions that leave you devaluing your worth, questioning your enoughness, and shaming yourself into doubt and insecurity. So, I’m shedding light on this hard truth that we all struggle with.


Show Notes:

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