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TRFE 214 // Merging Motherhood and Business with Michelle Knight

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“When we own our story fully, it gives other women permission to do the same. And when that happens, we can create a ripple effect of women owning their truth and owning their story and stepping into their power. And that’s always been my purpose.”


with Michelle Knight



Ladies, it’s possible to beautifully and seamlessly merge motherhood and entrepreneurship. I didn’t say it was always easy. I did say it was possible. And Michelle Knight is the badass queen that’s a beautiful example of this! She’s not only figured out how to merge them beautifully while growing her coaching business from the ground up, but she’s also figured out how confidently own her story (and motherhood) in the process.

So, naturally, I had to have her back on the podcast (she first came on in episode 82; another great listen!) to dive into all of this and how she did it. Whether you’re a mama or not, I hope this story inspires you in some way, my loves.

We talk about…

  • What it means to own your story

  • Vulnerability and the fear of being seen

  • How she incorporates her son into her business (and live videos!)

  • Learning to let go




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Michelle Knight is a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. She is also a Branding and Business Coach and the founder of

She works with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction in taking their business to the next level and supports them in tapping into their story to create a standout brand and message that positions them as an expert in their industry. In just 9 months,

Michelle launched her freedom-based business and left her 9 to 5, while raising a new baby. Just one year into her coaching business, Michelle created a 6-figure business and thriving community of women ready to share their story.

Now she spends her time supporting women to achieve time, financial and location freedom while traveling the world with her little family of three and exploring life with her son.


Michelle on Instagram and Facebook

Michelle’s private FB community: “Authentic Brand Builders”