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TRFE 213 // L Chat | The 1 Mentor You Really Need in Business

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”Trusting ourselves is terrifying. And the only reason it’s terrifying to trust ourselves is because we don’t yet know ourselves.”


with Lauren Frontiera



Hi love. I’m glad you found your way here to this L chat, because my heart feels like you need this message today. If you’re feeling panicked about or paralyzed by all the decisions you’re trying to make in your business right now (and the overwhelming amount of options that are out there that “may” work), this episode is for YOUUUU!!! Also, so is this *hug*. You need to shut down the noise, love, listen to this episode and then go get to know this mentor. Let her guide you the rest of the way.

You’ll learn about…

  • How to stop looking for external validation for your choices

  • The one person you need to talk to before you consult with anyone else

  • 3 types of knowledge and the only one you need to be looking for right now




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