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TRFE 209 // How to Co-Exist with Your Fears and Keep Going with Dayhanna Acosta

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”It’s never been about letting go of fear. It’s always been about co-existing.”


with Dayhanna Acosta



Fear. The theme of my life, am I right? Well, it’s been the theme of Dayhanna Acosta’s life, too. In very different ways. From the fear of growing up in a war zone amidst one of the most dangerous places in the world to the fear of public speaking, in our convo Dayhanna shares about fear in a new and very unique way. She says things like “own that fear” and talked about finding peace with it. And here’s the thing - because of all of the fear Dayhanna has experienced (not despite it) she’s learned to keep moving forward without pause even in the face of it. She’s learned to peacefully co-exist with her fears. It’s wildly inspiring.

We talk about…

  • Growing up with a sense of normalcy even amidst a constant underlying sense of fear and paranoia

  • Her life changing suddenly from growing up very well-off and financially secure to losing it all

  • How fear holds us back from confidently promoting ourselves

  • Dealing with the fear of public speaking

  • Learning to listen to your fears

  • How to find peace with your fear

  • The fears Dayhanna faced when launching a new podcast




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Dayhanna Acosta is a business owner, a marketing strategist, and the creator of Chase Your Fears; a podcast and community for driven people who are ready to welcome change, elevate their life and live beyond fear. Dayhanna has over 9 years of experience in the marketing field. She graduated summa cum laude from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Dayhanna enjoys traveling, dancing and learning new languages. She speaks Spanish and French and is currently studying Hungarian and Portuguese.

photos by Dana J. Ardell Photography


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