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TRFE 207 // L Chat: 1 Question to Help You Learn How to Listen to Your Intuition

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”The beautiful thing about that question is this: it takes you out of the fear of this moment. And it asks you to imagine yourself at an age when life is very different.”


with Lauren Frontiera



Loves, my heart could not be more eager to share this gem that has guided my life for over seven years now with you!! In the summer of 2011, without realizing what was happening, I began asking myself this one question that would end up guiding me over the next seven years of my life. In hindsight, I’ve realized this question was instrumental in helping me learn how to listen to my intuition. It’s also been the foundation of the joy and happiness I experience. As I’ve shared more about listening to my own intuition, I’ve gotten more questions about how to know if what you’re hearing is really coming from your intuition. So, I’m finally sharing with you the one question that helped me and can help you if you’re just starting out.

I’m sharing about…

  • how to practice listening to your intuition when you don’t know where to start

  • the one question you can start asking yourself today to learn how to listen to your intuition

  • how to know if the answers you’re getting are coming from your intuition

  • how I get advice from my 80-year-old-self

  • how to view your decisions today from a place of peace and wisdom




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