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TRFE 203: Changing Careers + Starting Again at 35 with Cyndie Spiegel

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”We can do whatever the fuck we want. We just have to be willing to step into that really uncomfortable place that most of us are not willing to go to to learn it. And until we’re willing to go there, we’re never going to get beyond it.”


with Cyndie Spiegel



Cyndie was 35 years old and had spent the past 15 years working herself into an enviable position in the New York fashion industry when she realized it was no longer the life she wanted. So, she quit her job and left it all behind without knowing what was next. Cyndie’s story is a beautiful reminder that we don’t always have to know what’s next before taking the next step and that we can always start again.

We talk about:

  • how to find out what most fulfills you and what your greatest strengths are
  • how she got started with business coaching and the collective of us
  • developing a beginners mindset and getting comfortable with learning from people much younger than you
  • feeling lonely after making the transition out of the corporate world where all of your friends still are
  • the overwhelm Cyndie was experiencing behind-the-scenes in her business in 2017
  • clearing your schedule for self-care/mental health days
  • the uncomfortableness of growth




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Cyndie Spiegel is a Brooklyn-based small business consultant, coach, and TEDx speaker. She is also the founder of The Collective (of Us), a small business accelerator for women and The Community (of Us), an online hub for conversation and change-making community.

She is on a mission to empower 100,000 women to build BOLD businesses and conversations by the year 2020.

Her straight talk and visionary perspective on creating women-owned businesses, overcoming imposter complex and embracing fear; inspire women globally to build bold, profitable businesses.

She is a sought-after speaker for creative conferences around the country and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, and The Huffington Post.