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TRFE 199: Money Blocks with Financial Coach, Kelsa Dickey

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”We find ways to reinforce these beliefs without even realizing that we have the belief to begin with.”


with Kelsa Dickey



I sat down with Kelsa Dickey, a financial coach who helps individuals, couples, and small business owners master their personal finances, to talk money blocks. What are they? How do you figure out what yours are? And how Kelsa has dealt with them as a financial coach.

We talk about … 

  • How to figure out what your money blocks are
  • How money blocks can hold us back without us even being consciously aware of them
  • Kelsa’s money block that was influenced by becoming a parent
  • Why charging clients for your services is actually benefiting both you and your clients



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Kelsa Dickey has been a Financial Coach for nearly 10 years. After receiving a bachelor's degree in finance and a MBA in accounting, she worked as a Financial Adviser and a corporate accountant but found that neither of these jobs allowed her to help people with the personal finances on a one-on-one level. She decided to leave corporate America and start Fiscal Fitness Phoenix from the ground up before "Financial Coach" was even a word. Over the course of helping thousands of people 'take the stress out of money' she has developed The Fiscal Fitness Phoenix Budgeting Method. This new and refreshing way to budget not only helps you live off a budget with ease but also helps you save for emergencies and random expenses, pay off debt and see how your financial decisions of today affect you in the future.

Not only has Kelsa been helping individuals, couples and small business owners master their personal finances, she has been training established and emerging financial coaches with her online training course, Financial Coach Academy.