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TRFE 195: Can Alignment + Flow Really Create Results? with Lauren Frontiera

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”I have known that there was a different way. I have known that there was a way to grow a successful business and to make really great money, incredible money, from a sense of ease and joy. I knew that was possible. And I want you to know that’s possible.”


with Lauren Frontiera



Last month was an incredible month for me. I launched my new membership community, saw more podcast downloads than ever before, confirmed an incredible line-up of guests for the podcast, and made more than in one month than I made during an entire six months of really trying hard to make money. And after getting off of a phone call where I was asked what I felt like caused all of this, I felt a heart-tug to share with all of you exactly what I think it was.

I’m sharing about…

  • What “finding flow” really means

  • What course I’ve been taking that has helped tremendously

  • How podcast guests have been flowing in

  • Why I believe I saw a lot of results happen all at once that I’ve been efforting my way towards for months




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