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TRFE 193: From Panic Attacks + Overwhelm to Her Ideal Work Week with Kyrsten Sherwood

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”I went into work to escape the chaos and the stress of having so many kids that were so young and having a husband who worked full-time at his day job. So, work for me was this all-encompassing, all-consuming thing.”


with Kyrsten Sherwood



Working from home, alone, with two young kiddos didn’t look or feel ideal and easy for Kyrsten Sherwood. It looked more like living with postpartum depression and anxiety, morning panic attacks, and trying to find an escape by working nonstop. Now, several years later, Kyrsten and her husband, Kelly, have three kids under the age of five and work together full-time on their business. Today, though, Kyrsten has created an ideal work week for herself where she she spends as much time not working as she does working. There’s more balance, ease, and time for herself, even with a growing business and three young kiddos.

We talk about…

  • The pressure to support a five-person family on one income

  • Dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety

  • When chronic overwhelm and morning panic attacks becomes the norm

  • How minimalism was the catalyst for changing her life

  • Taking time off + scheduling in downtime

  • How to live as much (if not more) than you work



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Kyrsten is the co-owner of Copper Kettle Co alongside her husband, Kelly. Together, they help creative entrepreneurs to start and scale their small businesses, taking them from deciding on a profitable business idea, all the way to hiring a team. Their Launch Brand Grow community is where the majority of the magic happens, with guest speakers, monthly workshops, challenges, masterminds, 1:1 mentoring, a book club and more. Enjoying Copper Kettle Co's incredible community and tribe is Kyrsten's favorite part of running her own business and it's what gives her the motivation and joy to help others to fuel their own passions!