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G&G 019: The Evolution of Living & Doing Business Authentically with Caroline Winegeart

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Living authentically is rarely ever the easier choice.

Our greatest life is just on the other side of fear. Living an authentic life takes guts. It takes courage. Growing and running a business that reflects your most authentic life is even scarier. I'm so thankful for amazing human beings like Caroline who are leading the way and inspiring us through her most authentic story and self.


What's In Today's Episode:

Caroline’s story begins back in college, as your typical overachiever. Caroline shares her super relatable story of going down her original career path and making all of these decisions because it’s what others wanted her to do. Her story evolves from wanting to become a doctor, because she simply wanted other people to think she was smart, to today, an artist, working for herself, running her own business, and living her most authentic life that continues to evolve.


Show Notes:

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I Wear Your Shirt
“The Crossroads of Should and Must” article and book by L Luna
“Quiet” by Susan Kane

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